Online Tracking for the Technical Dieter

In a previous article I discussed the importance of recording your food and activity as a key to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Recently, I came across an interesting web-based food journal. This may be useful for those of you who prefer to use your PC for recording data, rather than a pen and paper!

FitDay is a free, diet and weight loss on-line journal, where you can track your food intake, exercise, weight loss achievements and goals. All you need to do is sign-up and you can get started immediately!

Entering the content of your meals into the program will produce a report detailing daily calorie, carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake. Personally, I feel the program is easy to use, and I like the clear information it produces. A sample copy of the report is provided below.

If you’re not a natural list maker, or you rarely take a detailed look at the nutritional content of foods, then FitDay may not be for you. However, I’m not suggesting that you track every meal; it really depends on you personally. Some individuals will benefit from detailed data logging, whereas others may find an on-line journal useful as a reference tool for finding the nutritional content of individual foods.

The downside is, that the journal doesn’t provide the details of specific foods, for example Heinz baked beans, or Cadbury’s Dairy Milk etc. It merely gives information on general nutrient content.

There are many nutritional analysis programs on the web, and FitDay is definitely not one of the most comprehensive. Please remember, that the program should only be used as a reference for estimating the nutrient content of your meals.

However, I do feel that it does a very good job, and the process of recording may help to increase your motivation, or even help you to discover factors, which are hindering your progress.

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Penny August 4, 2008 at 9:56 am

There is a good chance that soon every day will be a “Fit Day!”

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It seems it might allow you to lose weight without exercise. I’ve been writing about it, but it is brand new and more is still coming out about it.


Penny’s last blog post..News Still Breaking About this Wondrous Exercise Pill


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