The Truth About Food Series

If you haven’t already watched the BBC series, The Truth About Food, I recommended it to you! The series investigated 500 volunteers, and exposes the real science behind the food we eat. You can check out their website, Science & Nature: The Truth About Food, for numerous video clips from the series.

Keep a check on your eating habits!

Keeping a track of what we eat can seem like a real pain. Maybe you wonder if it really does help, or if it’s simply a waste of time? Check out this short clip to find the answer: Can keeping a track of what we eat make a difference?

The participants were separated into two groups:

  1. Bones from the chicken drumsticks were cleared away immediately when participants finished eating
  2. Bones from the chicken drumsticks were allowed to pile up, as a constant reminder of how much had been eaten

Amazingly, the first group ate an astonishing 10% more than group number two. This short test proves that if we don’t have a reminder of how much we are eating, we are at an increased risk of overeating.

Tip: Keep a food diary to remind yourself of the type of food you’re eating, and how much!

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Snacking and performance ability

Another interesting clip from this series was: Is snacking better for performance? The test was carried out on a group of American Firefighters, who were divided into two groups:

  1. Binging type lunch – all lunch items had to be eaten in one sitting, between 12-1pm
  2. Grazing type lunch – every 90 minutes one item was to be eaten from the lunch bag

NB Both groups were given the same amount of calories

Scientists found that the Grazing group were 25% more productive in their work, in comparison to the Binging group. Pretty amazing? The test proves the benefit of eating regularly to maintain blood sugar levels, which will in turn improve work performance.

Tip: Eat 3 well balanced meals, with healthy snacks throughout the day for best work performance!

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