Smoking Ban Leads to Better Health!

No SmokingThe Scottish smoking ban has led to a significant advance in public health, according to comparisons at nine of the hospitals investigated. Research revealed there were 17% fewer admissions for heart attacks, since the ban was introduced in March 2006.

Prior to the ban, the annual reduction in heart attacks over the previous 10 years, had been just 3%. The study also added that exposure to passive smoke was down by 40% among adults and children.

Professor Jill Pell, who lead the research team, said: “The primary aim of smoking bans is to protect non-smokers from the effects of passive smoking. Previous studies have not been able to confirm whether or not that has been achieved. What we were able to show is that among people who are non-smokers there was a 20% reduction in heart attack admissions. This confirms that the legislation has been effective in helping non-smokers.”

The authors of the study now suggest that further action is urgently required to implement smoke-free homes and cars. Interestingly, researchers found high public support for the ban, even among smokers!

The Scottish response to the smoking ban is highly commendable, and they now plan to continue making Scotland a smoke-free society. Next month, subject to Parliamentary approval, they want to raise the age of cigarette sales from 16 to 18.

Want to give up smoking?

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