Are You Truly Thankful for What You Have?

Thank YouWhen was the last time you said a sincere and hearty thank you to someone for just being who they are, or for doing what they do so well? It’s often something we intend to do, but miss the opportunity, the moment passes, and it seems too late to act.

But, saying thanks can really impact the life of that person, and our own lives as well.

Over at Zen Habits, Leo has discussed some great tips for incorporating gratitude in our daily lives.

Here is a short snippet of the list, with a few added thoughts of my own:

  1. Create a gratitude ritual – every day take a couple of minutes to think of the people and things that you’re grateful for. Maybe you could write them down in a journal, whenever you get discouraged just reading over your list will help you feel more positive!
  2. Send a thankyou note – it only takes a few minutes, and it will be such a lovely surprise for the receiver.
  3. Give thanks for the day – take time everyday to be thankful for the day itself, and for the health and strength we have to enjoy it.
  4. Do someone a free favour – maybe you could ask them over for a coffee, or cook them a surprise meal. Check out my previous post Helping Our Elderly Neighbours.
  5. Say thanks even for the negative things – this is definitely the hardest part. But, by fostering a positive attitude we can overcome so much. Kahlil Gibran said, “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

What are you thankful for? Your family, friends, home, health, job, food, possessions, your location in the world, your skills, talents and abilities..I could go on, we really have so much to be thankful for! Whatever you appreciate in life, be truly thankful for it, write a list if you need to, and read over your thoughts often!

Leo adds, “And then, when you’ve mastered that skill, think of the negative things in your life, and give thanks for them. That person who was mean to you? Thank them for teaching you patience and understanding. That dog that tore up your trash? Thank him for teaching you humility as you pick up the trash. The natural disaster you went through? Thank it for reminding you of what is important in life. The illness you are going through? Thank it for making you stronger.”

Thanks Leo for the inspiration, reminder, and challenge to be truly grateful!

This is just a few thoughts from Leo’s article, please check it out in full, 10 Great Ways to Show You’re Grateful Today.

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Best wishes!

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