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Do you know people who always seem to be sick?

I know I do, and I often attribute it to their unhealthy diet–I know I’m a bit biased!! But, I really do think if you eat well, you’ll feel well.

Now this isn’t to say you’ll never get sick, but in my opinion a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to helping you ward off colds and flues.

So, what exactly can you do to help prevent flu? Click to read more… swissboy swissboy

You may already be aware of the hot debate going on in the news right now about plans in the US to tax sodas and sugary drinks in an attempt to curb the obesity epidemic.

The idea is that the billions of dollars raised as a result will help pay for the burden obesity puts on the healthcare system. have put together a video highlighting the controversy, and it shows several different perspectives of the argument. Click to read more… CraigPJ CraigPJ

Do you try to cook using greener practices? 

No doubt there are many ways to decrease your carbon footprint by changing what you cook for dinner, and also how you do things in the kitchen.

The benefits of using greener practices can even end up saving you money too.

But, it’s difficult at times!

I know I’m in a bit of a rut as to how I do things, and I’m perhaps not the most diligent person at these things.

So, I thought I’d ask you guys for some help… Click to read more…


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When you’re pregnant you may have found yourself a lot more concerned and cautious about what you eat.

Something I try to avoid in general is the use of any artificial sweetener—but even more so now that I’m pregnant.

While I know the artificial sweeteners present in our foods today are “approved,” I can’t help feeling that I’d prefer to avoid them where possible.

Just yesterday I picked up a bottle of fruit squash only to find it contains Aspartame and Saccharin. Needless to say, I was not impressed! Click to read more… lusi lusi

I was listening to the news this morning and heard the results of an interesting study.

Apparently, women spend two years of their lives thinking about food!

The study found that every day, more than 44 minutes is dedicated to thinking about the next meal, or daydreaming of snacking in between.

That’s a mammoth five hours and nine minutes each week

The equivalent of almost one day of every month…

Or, one year and 11 months over the average adult lifetime.

WHAT?? Isn’t that a ridiculously crazy amount of wasted time in one lifetime??? Click to read more…

How do you begin each day?

Perhaps with a cup of strong black coffee?

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get to the end of the day and wonder, “What exactly did I get done today?”

Very frustrating!

I’ve found that rather than having a somewhat vague idea of what I need to achieve, a robust plan is just the thing to get me motivated. Click to read more…


I celebrated my 28th birthday on Wednesday, and it’s lead me to stop and take stock of my current health goals.

I think one of the main reasons this birthday has been so profound is because I’m expecting our first baby in October. I’m really excited about that, and simply cannot wait to meet this little one! :-)

Being pregnant has caused me to reevaluate a lot of things lately. Things like my job, my health, and my social life—there’s no doubt having a baby will change much of that. However, I’m pretty prepared (famous last words, right???), and I feel it’s a big change for the better! Click to read more…