July 2010

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There are many reasons why exercise should be a significant part of your lifestyle.

But, if you’re like most people, you have multiple excuses why exercise never makes it into your routine.

If this is you, think about why you don’t make time for exercise, and think about five reasons why you personally haven’t made exercise a weekly habit.

Exercise is crucial to long-term health, but does knowing that make you want to break a sweat, today, tomorrow, and next week?

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Eco-Friendly Sports Bra

Thank you all so much for your entries to win the wonderful Mi-Bra.

It was great to hear from all of you, and I know Carolina was really pleased that you went over to her group on Facebook and joined up.

So, without further ado, the winner is…

Lisa Mikus — really well done Lisa!

To everyone else, thank you so much for entering.

I hope to have more competitions in the coming days, so do stay tuned for that.

Best wishes!

Win Your Very Own Mi-Bra

To help say “Thank You” to my awesome readers, I’ve teamed up with Carolina from Girl Habits, for your chance to win one of her Mi-Bra’s absolutely free.

The Mi-Bra, is a super comfortable, eco-friendly sports bra.

One of the things I love most about it though, is the convenient little pocket on the front — think marsupial pouch — to stash your iPod or some extra change, keeping your hands free as you workout.

It’s black, made of 90% organic cotton, comes in sizes small, medium and large, and retails at $20.

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If you workout hard, you need to refuel properly as well — in fact, it’s vitally important!

Perhaps you’ve been rushing into your workout, without planning proper pre-workout foods.

If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the maximum results from your efforts, and you may not recover as quickly as you should. Click to read more…



Essential fats are, well, essential in our diets. Obvious, but true!

If you skimp on your fat intake, you risk not getting all the nutrients you need, and there’s a strong possibility that you’ll suffer some side effects.

Many people try to avoid fat all together, believing it will cause them to gain weight.

And, while it’s true that fat is higher in calories (1 gram = 9 calories) than protein (1 gram = 4 calories), or carbohydrates (1 gram = 4 calories), it is your total calorie intake which will determine whether you gain fat, or lose weight. Click to read more…

Healthy Summer Snacks

Don’t you just love summer? I do… especially as I’ve just been enjoying the beautiful sunshine in California on our family vacation.

But, with all the summer barbecue’s, picnics, and parties, it offers multiple opportunities to blow your diet and overindulge a little too often.

If you’re trying to keep your calorie intake down, or lose a few pounds this summer, healthy snacks between meals can really help curb hunger cravings, and therefore keep your weight under control. Click to read more…

The term “cottage cheese” is believed to have originated because the simple cheese was normally made in cottages from any milk left over after making butter.

It is actually a great source of protein, but it’s often overlooked, with many people disliking it’s taste, or more likely, it’s texture.

However, not only is cottage cheese a fantastic source of calcium, it’s also a form of slow-digesting casein protein, which helps supply amino acids to the muscle tissues. Click to read more…