Mini Meals: Would This Style Of Eating Work For You?

Eating smaller, “mini-meals,” throughout the day can help to keep blood glucose levels steady, and is even said to boost metabolism.

That means, this style of eating may actually be a really great way to help you maintain or lose weight.

The basic idea is that each meal contains around 300 calories, and you eat about six meals each day.

Personally, I’m not into counting calories at all, but I suppose I do fall into this style of eating on a normal day. I prefer to eat small, snack-sized meals most of the day, except for my main meal at night.

My Eating Plan


When I’m at home, the eating plan I’m most likely to follow looks something like this…

8.30 am breakfast
This is usually porridge, or two eggs, perhaps with a piece of fruit.

11 am snack
One or two pieces of fruit, maybe some cheese and a slice of wholegrain toast.

1 pm lunch
Lunch is normally something like soup, eggs (if I didn’t have them for breakfast), or a sandwich. Sometimes it’s a green salad with tuna or ham.

3.30 pm snack
Nuts or natural yogurt.

5.30 pm dinner
This could be anything at all, but it is normally some meat, poultry or fish with vegetables or a salad, along with some rice, potatoes, or lentils.

8.30 pm snack
This snack depends on what else I’ve eaten that day, but it could be something like natural yogurt, fruit, raw veg and dip, ham and cheese, wholegrain toast or some cereal, and perhaps a little chocolate ;-)

I find that since I work from home, and have a small child, who also likes to eat often, this style of eating really works for me.

Would the mini meals style of eating work for you?

Making It Work

I suppose there is a fair bit of planning in it, but it comes pretty naturally after a while. Once you work out what kind of foods you’re most likely to enjoy, then you tend to have them in your fridge or cupboards to eat at all times.

If you work away from home, this style of eating certainly wouldn’t work, unless you are prepared to take all the food you need with you.

If you’d like to try that, I recommend using a snack box to carry your healthy snacks with you.

If you enjoy sitting down to a bigger meal, you can still do that, but just make it one meal a day, and keep the rest smaller in size.

Getting into this eating mentality could also help you to take in fewer calories — but only if you eat until satisfied not stuffed, at each meal (and make healthy choices, of course!).

You need to remember that you will be eating again in a few hours, so there’s no need to pack in as much food as you can, each time you eat.

Take time to notice your hunger levels, and stop eating when you start to feel confortable, i.e. you’re more or less satisfied, but could eat a little more.

You may find the information on the hunger scale helpful in this article.

For other’s though, eating smaller meals can make you feel like your life is ruled by your stomach. What about you…

What is a typically day’s eating like for you? Do you favor smaller or bigger meals? How do you make your eating pattern work for you?

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