Current Health Articles

Ever since this site began in March 2007, I’ve sought to publish current health articles which deal with the health issues of our day.

There’s a lot of noise out there, and the Internet can sometimes make life more difficult as you try to weed through the myriad of sites dealing with heath conditions.

Some of these articles take me a lot of time to prepare, as I always seek to present current health articles which are scientific, and not just based on assumption or even experience.

They’re all listed below, but I’ve shortlisted three of the more popular articles…

How to Maintain Your Bone Health For Life

New Guidelines on Peanuts During Pregnancy

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Today I visited my local library for a browse, and I picked up a few interesting books on healthy eating, craft, and deadly Australian spiders! I also borrowed a copy of ‘Nature & Health,’ which is an Australian healthy living magazine, which I hadn’t come across before.

One of the articles entitled ‘Nature’s Exotic Juices’ began:

“A plethora of delicious new ‘super juices’ is making a splash in a market near you. Here’s the juice on five of the most promising ones you’ll find in you local healthfood store.”

Their top five ‘super juices’ are:

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