Exercise Tips

These exercise tips are designed for regular people.

Like you, I get frustrated every time I’m looking for exercise tips when I come across another body builder with advice that just isn’t for me.

Here I share what I learn and what I use as exercise tips for the rest of us.

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I have to say one of the best things I purchased when I became a new mum was a baby carrier.

I actually used two, one was a simple sling type, and the other the fabo Kari Me baby carrier.

I used my baby carrier quite a bit when Elissa was younger. She loved being carried around in it, and seemed so much more settled in there.

Not only does a baby carrier give you hands-free to get a few things done around home, it can also be a great workout tool, since it distributes your baby’s weight evenly across your body, meaning it adds some functional “weight” to your workout. Click to read more…

Running in Winter

This is a guest post from Brett Bannister.

When it comes to exercise people’s preferences have altered recently, moving away from sports that take place in uninspiring fitness studios and indoor pools, and instead turning to more sensory and stimulating environments. This is why running outdoors has gained popularity.

Having some decent sports clothes, a good pair of running trainers, and a positive mental attitude is vital. But, another important factor, often overlooked at this type of year, is your safety.

So, here are some helpful tips for running outdoors in the colder months. Click to read more…

Do you love the idea of exercise?

Perhaps you can totally “see” yourself running a marathon some day.

Trouble is, getting started can be a real test.

Researchers tell us, however, that those who exercise, are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and are less depressed. Click to read more…

2011 is now upon us, and this is the time when many people think about setting resolutions for the New Year.

Making time for some regular exercise is something that should be a part of anyone’s overall health and fitness plan. But, many people find it difficult to stay on track with their program, once the initial enthusiasm of the New Year has faded.

So, how can you stay on track in 2011? Click to read more…

If it’s extremely cold where you live, as it is here in Northern Ireland, going outside may be the last thing on your mind.

Perhaps you’re sick of scraping ice from your windshields, and dread driving the shortest distance in your car.

These things are certainly annoying. But, think back to your childhood, chances are you didn’t always associate winter with being miserable.

This is Boreas

The opportunity of a “snow day” was your idea of the perfect Christmas!

At the weekend, Armen and I attempted to reclaim some of that enthusiasm for the freezing cold, as we built our first family snowman together.

Meet Boreas everyone. Isn’t he grand?

Click to read more…

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Quality fitness shows are really difficult to find, not just because they’re hidden in the less-frequented parts of cyberspace, but because there are so many factors to consider before you can label a fitness video as “quality.”

Do the commercials disrupt the workout? Is the instructor easy to see/hear? Does the pacing work? Most of all, is it a good workout, or is it just wasting your time?

To help point you in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of the very best full-length fitness videos that are available to watch online. These will give you the freedom to work out anywhere, anytime, so long as you have your laptop handy. Click to read more…

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If you carry excess weight, the very thought of working out (especially in front of others) can be totally off-putting.

Whether you just don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym environment, or you physically don’t like the way exercise makes you feel, you just can’t seem to get over those mental barriers.

Truth is, you probably know how important it is that fitness becomes a part of your life… but where do you begin? Click to read more…