Healthy Eating Tips

One of the motivations for this site was to give clear and reliable healthy eating tips. It’s for that reason that the topic of healthy eating is covered more extensively than any other.

Knowing how to eat healthy is more difficult than many realise, until they try it!

The truth is, in my experience, many people greatly over-estimate the extent of their healthy eating.

I always try to put a personal as well as a practical spin on my healthy eating tips. They are all below.

However, I’ve shortlisted three of the more popular articles…

5 Tips for Healthy Food Shopping

Healthy Eating on a Budget

25 Healthy Snack Ideas

Is Christmas brunch on your agenda this year?

With last minute shopping, work parties, and family get-togethers, it’s a tiring time of year!

And, the chance to lie in bed a little longer is certainly a welcome treat for most of us, making Christmas brunch a very popular option.

If you’re after light and healthy Christmas brunch ideas, check out the list below.

You could serve any combination of these suggestions to make up a delicious brunch buffet that will impress everyone…they won’t even notice it’s healthy!

#1 Pancakes made with wholemeal flour and ground cinnamon; served with mixed creme fraiche, and seasonal berries.

#2 Wholegrain crackers topped with avocado slices, smoked salmon strips, chives, and drizzled with an olive oil, and balsamic vinegar dressing.

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With most parents being so busy today, sometimes it’s difficult to find time to rustle up healthy kids snacks.

This is particularly true during the period from when the children come home from school, and dinner time. With dinner to prepare, taking time to put together healthy snacks for kids is almost impossible.

However, with the right preparation, when hungry kids burst through the door after school, you’ll already have a few healthy snacks on hand to curtail their hunger until dinner.

I’d suggest designating one area of your refrigerator for your kids snacks, where anything in that area is ready to be enjoyed by them alone.

But, what makes healthy snacks for kids?

Well, the best snacks for kids are those that  offer a complex carbohydrate and a source of protein to keep them sustained through to dinner… Click to read more…

Teaching healthy eating to children is your responsibility within the family!

If children eat healthy at a young age, they’re more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they grow older.

With childhood obesity at epidemic proportions, your child’s nutrition is now more important than ever.

So, is healthy eating for your children a focal point in your home?

Let’s take a look at 10 basic healthy eating principles you need to be considering:

#1 Carbohydrate

Chief function – provides energy for the body and brain.

Sourcesbread, breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, oats, pulses, fruits, and vegetables.

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Wherever we go, there seems to be an endless supply of healthy eating tips.

Magazines, television, internet, radio… everywhere! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that there is an intense demand because so many people struggle.

So, why is healthy eating so difficult for you?

Isn’t it the result of the methods you’ve been choosing?

You try to change EVERYTHING at once, then you get overcome with it all, and finally give up because the effort is simply too much.

Do you scoff at the possibility that small changes have the potential to make a big difference in your health?

Be assured that a gradual, step-by-step approach does work!

But remember, you must focus on changing one or two habits at a time, allow these to become ingrained, then implement additional changes in your eating habits.

Here are 28 small changes you can make towards healthy eating:

What will you decide to change TODAY?

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Do you work yourself into a frenzy at the very thought of cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

I know what it’s like when I have guests for dinner, I’m often tempted to choose recipes that are decidedly ‘different,’ rather than going for something tried and tested!

Being adventurous in the kitchen it great, but if you’re planning to have a house full of guests, perhaps a more traditional menu would help take the stress out of cooking!

The holiday season can also be stressful for those making an effort to lose weight, and the amount of dinner parties and social engagements at this time of year can wreck havoc even on most dedicated dieter.

So, here are my tips for being wonderfully domesticated, completely stress free, and calorie controlled this Thanksgiving:

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Choosing a healthy bread should be easy, but it’s not. In fact, knowing what healthy breads to eat is a real challenge.

Should I choose bread with seeds?

What about ‘cracked wheat?’ That sure sounds healthy!

And then there’s ‘whole grain’ bread. But, is it really healthy bread?

Healthy bread, it’s a simple choice

The decision shouldn’t be all that difficult. But, the shelves are amass of cellophane-wrapped bewilderment!

And there’s definitely a lot of confusion with labelling claims these days. The more info they give us, the more confused we seem get!

Read the packaging to find a healthy bread

But, if you really want to get to the heart of a product’s contents, forget all about the front of pack claims, and go straight to the small print on the back.

Now, herein is your challenge! You must be able to make sense of what that’s all about…
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Do you sometimes feel confused walking around the supermarket?

5 minutes wondering up and down the aisles can leave even the most informed shopper in a puzzled haze!

Before you know it, your head is swimming with a baffled mix of health claims, nutritional info, and outlandish slogans.

‘Healthy eating’ has certainly become a catch phrase in marketing, and as long as the public wants to eat healthy, manufacturers will continue to pander to their wishes.

So, it’s obvious an effective advertising campaign (in manufacturers eyes at least) would have their product aligned with healthy eating.

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