Healthy Eating Tips

One of the motivations for this site was to give clear and reliable healthy eating tips. It’s for that reason that the topic of healthy eating is covered more extensively than any other.

Knowing how to eat healthy is more difficult than many realise, until they try it!

The truth is, in my experience, many people greatly over-estimate the extent of their healthy eating.

I always try to put a personal as well as a practical spin on my healthy eating tips. They are all below.

However, I’ve shortlisted three of the more popular articles…

5 Tips for Healthy Food Shopping

Healthy Eating on a Budget

25 Healthy Snack Ideas

flour substituteI’ve noticed a common trend of avoiding “unhealthy grains” in recent years, and in their place many have switched over to a gluten free diet as a better alternative.

And, while I’m convinced the proportion of grains in most people’s diets is waaaaay over the top, eliminating one ingredient from your diet, without addressing your eating overall, is not a quick fix to better health.

On top of that, you should never assume that just because a package claims a product to be gluten free, that it’s a better choice.

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are olives healthy


If you go into any supermarket or deli you’ll find a massive selection of olives to choose from.

Whether it’s oil-cured, water-cured, brine-cured, lye-cured, pitted, unpitted, stuffed or unstuffed, black or green, manzanilla, kalamata, nicoise, liguria, lugano, or sevillano.

Whew… how could you EVER choose?

And, are they all the same nutritionally speaking?

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healthy carbs

“The whiter the bread the quicker you’re dead!”

If there’s one thing I’ve realized when I talk to others about healthy eating it’s that we lllloooovvvee our breads.

It seems you can take away our chocolate, our ice cream, and even our takeaways, but don’t even think about taking away our bread!

People get really defensive when you so much as suggest too many carbs could be contributing to their poor health issues.

None moreso than health professionals, though.

So, why is it that we all love our breads and pasta so much?

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are microwaves safe

Are microwaves safe?

This product sits in more than 90 percent of kitchens, as well as practically every break room in the country.

In fact, it’s so common you might be surprised to know I didn’t even have one for most of our married life (over 7 years now).

That was until quite recently, when we were given one.

If you use your microwave every day in life, you might find it hard to imagine how you could do without it.

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what is krill oil

Krill Oil

Krill oil is fast becoming the ‘darling‘ of the nutrition world.

But, is all the talk simply hyperbole, or is there something more behind these claims than clever marketing tricks?

Firstly, what is krill oil, and how does it work?

Krill oil comes from shrimp-like crustaceans, found mostly in the Antarctic and North Pacific Oceans.

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Protein requirements


Can you believe that next to water, protein is the most plentiful material in your body? Yep, it’s one important component in the diet, not to be overlooked!

In my world, protein reigns and is the key food group for dieters and healthy eaters alike.

As you know, it’s one of the big three macronutrients — the other two are carbohydrate and fat.

Adequate protein intake is essential for good health, however most people simply don’t eat enough of it, despite what some health organizations will tell you. Click to read more…

is oatmeal healthy


Oatmeal is one of those foods everyone thinks is super healthy. But, is that really the case?

Oats are said to lower bad cholesterol, keep us feeling fuller for longer, as well as being a good source of important nutrients.

Sounds pretty good!

And, if you normally eat Pop Tarts for breakfast, then yes, oatmeal is obviously a better choice.

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