Healthy Recipe Ideas

When you’re determined to start living a healthy lifestyle, one of the things that can be difficult is coming up with healthy recipe ideas.

Much to the amusement of my husband, I love experimenting with different recipe ideas.

I haven’t tried everything I’ve mentioned in the articles, but there is now a considerable collection of healthy recipe ideas on this site.

In the articles below, I present healthy recipe ideas that in many cases can be used to help you lose weight.

I’ve shortlisted three of the more popular articles weight loss ideas, and the rest follow…

10 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Good

Low Fat Desserts

Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Recently, I had another question from one of my readers saying she simply cannot get her husband to eat vegetables. Apparently he tells her when she makes them taste good then he’ll eat them! So, she’s wanting to know how to make vegetables taste good, if it’s even possible.

Well, it is possible. I’ve dealt a little with this subject in the past, and it seems quite a few people don’t like vegetables.

So, what can you do if you want to be healthy, but vegetables simply aren’t your thing? Click to read more…

Med MarketIf you think a healthy diet has to be boring to be effective, think again!! Let me rephrase that, your taste buds do not have to suffer for your health’s sake!

The Mediterranean-style of eating has been shown to be extremely healthy, and it’s also one that’s varied and delicious.

In fact, many studies have shown that the closer people follow the Mediterranean-style diet, the less likely they are to die from either heart disease or cancer. Click to read more…

Dieting has become so popular that it’s estimated around 70 percent of the female population, and 30 percent of males have followed one at some stage.

The worrying thing is that many people don’t seem too concerned about whether the diet they choose is healthy or not – all that matters is losing a few pounds!

Although diets often produce results in the short term, unfortunately very few can maintain this weight loss for the months and years that are ahead.

Thus the yo-yo cycle of dieting continues, and it’s often to the detriment of your health long-term.

So, why don’t diets work?

#1 Diets are not designed to work!

If everyone could simply lose weight and keep it off, there would be no money in it for the diet companies. Click to read more…

Trying to come up with healthy lunch ideas for weight loss can be a real challenge. And if you don’t plan your lunch properly, the chances are that you’re going to eat something unsuitable for your goals.

I know personally, that even when you’re not trying to lose weight, coming up with healthy lunch ideas isen’t easy. If you’re not well prepared, you can end up having the same things every week, which can be quite boring.

Healthy lunch ideas for weight loss

So, I thought I’d do a bit of research, and since I’ve already shared some healthy lunch ideas recently, I thought I’d specifically cover some healthy lunch ideas for weight loss.

The result?

Well, here are 18 delicious healthy lunch ideas for weight loss conscious individuals. If you give them a go, be sure to let me know. Click to read more…

Many people think there’s simply no such thing as a healthy dessert; especially when you’re dieting. Thankfully though, with the right food choices overall, you can still enjoy sweet treats or healthy desserts without them ending up on your hips!

The trick is to be choosy about the ingredients and portion size. If you really need a sweet fix after dinner each night, I’d suggest sticking with fresh fruit, and save these yummy low fat desserts for once or twice a week.

If your sweet tooth is the downfall of your dieting efforts, then try these 25 delicious low fat healthy desserts…
Click to read more…

It seems we love to find out what’s been happening in the lives of our favourite celebs, and no less what diet they’ve been following, or how they lost weight so rapidly.

We all know the media is manipulated, but nonetheless we’re still interested!

Unfortunately, in their search to be slim and beautiful more often than not they favour the most stupid, radical, and downright weird diets on the planet!

Lets take a look at the extreme lengths our celebs go to:

#1 Uma Thurman’s Raw Food Diet

This diet gets my number one spot because of it’s complete grossness! The idea is that raw food contains live enzymes which boost energy, these enzymes are destroyed during cooking. The diet is said to extend to raw meat, including beef, venison and duck. Yuk! Really Uma, what were you thinking? Click to read more…

We all know what a challenge it can be getting kids to eat healthy foods, and despite the array of delicious fruits on offer during the summer months, very often they simply won’t touch them!

If you’re holding a kids party it can be very tempting to serve a host of highly processed, sugary foods, just to keep the peace. But, what if you could make the presentation of your desserts so appealing that your kids would just have to try them?

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