Weight Loss Ideas

Prevention is the best cure. But, when you have to lose a few pounds and need some ideas to lose weight, knowing what to do isn’t easy.

Here I try to present weight loss ideas that are suitable for regular people. I’m not into crash diets, but I do believe in effective ways to lose weight.

In the articles below, I present weight loss ideas that work, both in the short term, and the long term.

I’ve shortlisted three of the more popular articles weight loss ideas, and the rest follow…

Keeping a Food Diary Can Double Weight Loss!

Common Weight Loss Mistakes

18 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Meet the Chawner family….


From left to right: daughter Samantha (age 21, weighs 18 stone), mum Audrey (age 57, weighs 24 stone), dad Philip (age 53, weighs 24 stone), and daughter Emma (age 19, weighs 17 stone).

This is the British family who say they’re “too fat to work.”

But, that’s not the only claim they make. They also say the £22,508 they receive each year in benefits is not enough for them to live on.

I’d love to hear from you guys on this one…do you empathise? Or, does this just make you angry? Click to read more…

Dieting has become so popular that it’s estimated around 70 percent of the female population, and 30 percent of males have followed one at some stage.

The worrying thing is that many people don’t seem too concerned about whether the diet they choose is healthy or not – all that matters is losing a few pounds!

Although diets often produce results in the short term, unfortunately very few can maintain this weight loss for the months and years that are ahead.

Thus the yo-yo cycle of dieting continues, and it’s often to the detriment of your health long-term.

So, why don’t diets work?

#1 Diets are not designed to work!

If everyone could simply lose weight and keep it off, there would be no money in it for the diet companies. Click to read more…

Do you sometimes overeat at dinner?

Researchers have found that eating vegetable soup, or a low calorie salad, before your meal can significantly reduce calorie intake during the main course.

This makes complete sense because by the time you get to your main meal you feel a little full, and so you eat less dinner.

Salad eaters are also more likely to stop eating their main course earlier than they normally would, because they believe they’ve eaten a lot of food.

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If you’re reading this post I imagine you’re at least ‘mildly‘ computer literate, which means if you’re trying to lose weight you already have a distinct advantage.

Research has shown that people who use computers in conjunction with a weight loss programme lose three times more weight than people who don’t.

So, how can you maximise this weight loss potential while sitting at your computer desk?

Here are 7 ways you can use your computer to lose weight:

#1 To get more info
Search online for articles, recipes, cooking demos (Start Cooking), quizzes, case studies, and weight loss programmes to suit your personal needs.

There is such a wealth of info out there, and if used correctly the Internet can be a great resource…just remember to sift out the rubbish!

Sites I enjoy:

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First of all, let’s clarify what emotional eating is:

Have you ever experienced a craving for certain foods when you’ve been angry, sad, or stressed? This is emotional eating.

Can you think of a time when your eating seemed uncontrollable?

Understandably, most of us have some emotions tied up with eating – it’s an activity that surrounds many milestones in our life, for example religious rituals, family get togethers, and various other celebrations.

However, you are not powerless over food…fact!

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Do you ever wonder what doctors really think of their patients?

Browse through the pages of your medical notes, and you may find yourself described in a way you’ve never heard before.

The truth is, your doctors opinion of you may be noted in some of the following ways:

  • GPO – Good for parts only
  • FLK – Funny looking kid
  • NQR – Not quite right

So, what do you do if you find TFTB? Click to read more…

It seems we love to find out what’s been happening in the lives of our favourite celebs, and no less what diet they’ve been following, or how they lost weight so rapidly.

We all know the media is manipulated, but nonetheless we’re still interested!

Unfortunately, in their search to be slim and beautiful more often than not they favour the most stupid, radical, and downright weird diets on the planet!

Lets take a look at the extreme lengths our celebs go to:

#1 Uma Thurman’s Raw Food Diet

This diet gets my number one spot because of it’s complete grossness! The idea is that raw food contains live enzymes which boost energy, these enzymes are destroyed during cooking. The diet is said to extend to raw meat, including beef, venison and duck. Yuk! Really Uma, what were you thinking? Click to read more…