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pickled vegetables


It’s thought the first pickles were produced over 4,000 years ago using cucumbers native to India. Ever since, people around the world have touted their nutritional value, and even healing power.

And, while the idea of pickled vegetables may sound vaguely distasteful to you, this ancient form of preparation and preservation can actually give really delicious results.

Traditionally, pickling was used as a way of making sure certain foods were available throughout the year, such as during winter, or on a long journey, especially by sea. Click to read more…

how to maintain weight


I don’t think it’s overstating the matter to say the multi-billion dollar diet industry would like us to believe managing weight is difficult.

In reality, maintaining a healthy weight does not have to be complicated. In fact, it’s probably much easier than many realize.

In one study, 42 percent of participants claimed maintaining their weight loss was actually less difficult than losing it.

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protein bar recipe


I’m often asked what my “secret” to staying slim is. Sometimes I really wish I had a lovely little pre-packaged potion to share with people. No-one really likes the message eat less, exercise more, it seems. It’s a little too boring!

But, the quick fix solution, although in hot demand, is usually not effective long-term.

One survival tactic I use, is to keep my kitchen well stocked with healthy food. It’s not a very glamorous ‘tip,’ but it certainly works.

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a calorie is a calorie


No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “A calorie is a calorie,” meaning the calories we get from carbs, fat and protein are equal in terms of their effect on our weight.

Perhaps you think all that matters is the total number of calories you take in each day, regardless of whether the majority comes from one macronutrient more than the other.

In fact, many people emphasize that weight management is a simple game of math. Maintaining your weight, therefore, is merely about consuming the same number of calories your body burns each day.

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is coconut oil healthy


Like fashion trends, food trends go around in cycles. That’s one reason the topic of diet is so interesting and frustrating, all at the same time.

Right now it seems coconut oil is back in, like a pair of bell bottoms, neon leg warmers, or a curly perm!

Some years back it was reviled as damaging to heart health, and something to be avoided at all costs.

But these days, coconut oil is making a comeback, and many are starting to place it in the ‘health’ food category. Click to read more…

body image


As you’re reading this, chances are your Facebook profile is waiting for you on the next tab. You probably think browsing Facebook is pretty harmless, but is that really the case?

Consider the constant comments, status updates, and images you are subjected to, and have little control over, on a daily basis…

“l look so fat in that photo.” “You don’t even look like you’ve just had a baby.” “I need to hit the gym.” “Totally pigged out today… starting my diet tomorrow.” “Just ran 10 miles.” “Wow… you look amazing.”

And on it goes… the egocentric, narcissistic world of Facebook!

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omega 6 fatty acids


As you already know, I hold a pretty controversial view on the issue of saturated fat — at least, from a dietitian’s point of view.

But, saturated fat is not the only fat we need to know something about.

You probably already know how important omega 3 fats are for good health, but what about 0mega 6?

In fact, I’ve read quite a bit recently about avoiding omega 6 fat.  Click to read more…