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There are some so-called foods which I really don’t think any of us should be eating, at least not on a regular basis.

And, I know for a fact there are lots of dietitians and other health care professionals out there who will wholeheartedly disagree with me on some of these foods.

However, I read a vast array of material, and try not to be overly swayed by one side or the other, and I simply cannot reconcile myself to the fact that certain foods are “safe” to consume regularly, despite what manufacturers tell me.

I find over and over again that foods peddled to dieters are consistently the most unhealthy items. If you are dieting, you may be of the opinion that you need to eat mostly diet products. Click to read more…

Research tells us that those who take regular exercise are healthier, have more energy, sleep better, think more clearly, have reduced levels of anxiety, perform better at work, and have delayed onset of conditions such as dementia.

In fact, most of us will admit to feeling a lot better after exercise, but it can still be extremely difficult to adopt it into our everyday lives.

Seven Step Exercise Check-List

So, here are my seven steps to making exercise part of YOU… Click to read more…

Exercising, although extremely beneficial to our health, is something we can find ourselves putting off.

We know we should go that extra mile, and we know we will feel better afterwards. But sometimes, when exercise isn’t fun anymore, we end up putting it off for something else.

So, what should you do? Here are eight fun exercises, that also can give you great fitness results.

1. Biking
Don’t just go biking, go on an adventure. Go with a partner, go outside, and find a great location. Avoid bike machines at the gym, though, as they don’t get you anywhere, literally. If your local area provides a bike trail then utilize that. Click to read more…

I certainly don’t profess to know the exact formula for turning your kids into healthy eaters.

But it seems to me, there is one very important strategy for increasing the chances that your child will grow into a healthy eater, and it’s all about getting your focus right.

I’ve noticed this over and over again, if your area of focus is always on the short-term needs of your child, chances are you’ll spend much of your time feeling guilty that their diet isn’t up to scratch.

Obviously it’s important that your children are well nourished and meeting their nutritional needs in an immediate sense. But, if that is your continual focus, it can get you feeling stressed. Click to read more…

To keep track of the calories you take in, and the calories you burn each day, there are a few things you need to understand. For one, it’s necessary to know exactly what a calorie is, and how to go about accurately counting them.

Studies conducted at Cornell University indicate that the majority of people actually underestimate the amount of calories they take in each day.

They noted that overweight individuals tend to underestimate the calories in a meal, more than individuals of an average weight, by nearly 40%, while those of an average weight underestimated by approximately 20%. However, this is not a matter of overweight people trying to deceive themselves.

Further reports revealed that it was the size of the meal portions, which led to an underestimation of calorie intake. Both overweight and average weight people were more accurate at estimating the calorie content of smaller meals, compared to larger meals. Click to read more…

If you suffer from gout, you’ll know exactly how painful it can be. Gout is actually a type of arthritis, which causes stiff, swollen and painful joints; it happens when uric acid levels build up in your blood.

Uric acid is the waste product formed from the breakdown of food and the body’s cells. What you eat plays a hugely important role in both causing gout, and in reducing your likelihood of suffering from these painful symptoms.

Click to read more…

Elissa and I in Crete

As some of you will know, I’ve just spent a few days in Crete, which was really beautiful, particularly when we drove out into the countryside to see a little of the ‘real’ Crete.

We had some delicious food, which I wanted to share with you here, as it was mostly very healthy.

I intended taking lots of pictures of the food we were eating, but I wasn’t very diligent in doing that. Elissa always wants to eat right away when the food arrives, and doesn’t like to wait for 5 minutes, while I try to get the perfect food shot. Anyway, I can’t say much, as she gets that from me ;-) Click to read more…