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Writer block

We all know that a healthy lifestyle can profoundly impact our overall well being, but did you know that this includes memory and concentration as well?

If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded “writer’s block!” While this is normal, if it happens too often, it could end up hindering your performance in the long run.

Making poor food choices prevents the body functioning at peak levels, ultimately affecting our ability to remember things, and concentrate as well as we should.

When I experience problems with concentration I can normally trace it back to poor eating habits over the last week or so. It’s so frustrating, and it’s definitely not a productive way to write!

Anyone else ever feel like this?

So, what are the benefits of making good lifestyle choices?

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While the promise of rapid weight loss is pretty hard to resist, have you considered that your current diet may be causing more harm than good?

Many diets do work in the short-term, and therefore appeal to the masses, however very few result in lasting weight loss.

Let’s take a look at 5 popular diets that simply don’t work!

#1 Meal replacement

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FridgeWhat’s your normal routine when you get home from grocery shopping?

Is it a mad dash to chuck everything away as quickly as possible? Yes – this is me too!

Researchers at the University of Arizona spent a year tracking the food habits of families. The results reported in 2002, were pretty shocking.

They found that families tossed out an average of 470 pounds of food per year, that was an annual cost of $600. Every day, they discarded more than half a pound of fruits and veggies!

Do you find yourself discarding lots of fruits and vegetables each week?

If your produce rots after just a few days, you may be storing incompatible fruits and vegetables together.

Tips for prolonging fruits and vegetables

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If trying to lose weight, or get in shape is proving difficult for you, have you checked out the host of unusual fitness gadgets out there?

There’s a vast array of interesting accessories, promising to help spur us on to better health, and if gadgets really aren’t your thing, they do make perfect gifts for that ‘someone’ who has everything!

Seven gadgets to help improve your health and wellbeing:

#1 Beurer Heart Rate Monitoring Glove

Beurer GmbH GloveHeart rate monitoring has taken on a new style, akin to Michael Jackson’s, with this trendy glove!

Rather than wearing an obtrusive belt across your chest, this glove measures reflected light from an artery in the index finger. Pretty cleaver stuff!

It has been designed to fit like a second skin, and the device can be read and operated easily whilst running, so you don’t even need to slow your pace.

Why use this?

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Traffic lightsWould you like a little help in making healthy meal choices at the restaurant? Many people find eating out particularly challenging, but what can we do to make the choice simpler?

Yo! Sushi restaurants

Yo! Sushi restaurants are now using the Food Standard Agency’s traffic light scheme, as a means to help consumers make healthy food choices at a glance.

They’ve produced their own nutrition booklet, displaying the nutrient content in their meals, and showing a quick indication of how healthy meals are by using the traffic light colours.

Their booklet also provides information on food intolerance or allergy, for example indicating gluten, or soy free dishes.

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Award I initially began blogging back in March 2007 as a means to keep active in my profession, following my move to Australia.

My main desire was to create a site where people could find trustworthy information, without the myths!

Blogging has been such a wonderful experience for me, and something I’ve grown to love. But as any blogger will testify, to receive an award is something truly special!

I was so happy to hear from Gloria Tsang last week informing me that Dietriffic had been awarded a Top Food and Nutrition Blog award from the very prestigious site Health Castle.

Health Castle is a wonderful site, filled with excellent information, and it’s also run by dietitians. If you haven’t already heard of them their site is first class, and well worth checking out.

Other winners:

Welcome new readers!

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Hula hoop

It’s no secret that childhood obesity in recent years has become an ever increasing, and extremely worrying problem! If you’re a parent, what can you do?

Healthy eating and exercise habits are usually established in childhood, therefore a healthy home environment can promote healthy habits, which continue into adulthood.

But, it seems that many parents feel ‘guilty’ imposing certain foods, or behaviours upon their kids.

So, what can you do to encourage healthful behaviours?

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