When I set up my Twitter account a few years ago, I had no idea it would potentially bring me exciting projects to work on.

Now I’ve heard people going on about the power of social media, and statements to that effect. And I’ve experienced it to some degree.

Connecting with people, making friends, developing business relationships, and getting some website traffic can all be considered ‘power’ to some degree or other.

But, I never imagined it would go further than that.

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In recent months I’ve become more and more convinced of the need to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

If you don’t know much about vitamin D, I’m not surprised, because unlike high cholesterol for example, the pharmaceutical companies cannot peddle an expensive drug as a cure, therefore making them big bucks in the process. So, that means we hear very little about it, at least from the mainstream.

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Enter To Win Your Copy

If you set new year’s resolutions at the beginning of January, perhaps you are already struggling with keeping them.

Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you today… something great which will help you eat the food you love, and still stay on track with your diet!

I’m talking about Now Eat This! Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito’s new cookbook. The book is packed with common no-no foods, which have been revamped to be healthier.

I’ve had a tiny sneak peak at the book, and it looks great. Along with the recipes, Rocco has also included healthy tips and ingredient substitutions, which are super helpful.

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Omega-3 fatty acids are the darling of the nutrition world. What I love most is that they really are beneficial to your health — there’s no “maybe” or “perhaps”… they are simply good for you!

These healthy fats can improve heart health, lower high blood pressure, reduce blood clotting in the arteries, reduce inflammation, help stiffening joints, and improve symptoms of depression. And that’s only some of the goodness.

Here in the UK, however, research suggests four in five people don’t eat enough omega-3s. And, apparently the average American adult gets less than 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids per day. Click to read more… wmstadler

So, you’re on a quest to eat healthy… what’s the most important thing for you to consider?

For me it’s about paying attention to the foods I’m consuming on a daily basis, as well as getting a good overall balance between calories, protein, carbs, and fats.

But, another thing that’s important — something I don’t always do — is to pay attention to where the produce I buy is being grown. Click to read more…

Weaning your baby is a monumental process.

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the last few months have gone past. It’s pretty scary.

Elissa is now 6 1/2 months, and I’m excited to be offering her food. It’s so lovely to see her try new flavours, make funny smacking noises, and reach for things she’s already developed a liking for. Click to read more… obyvatel obyvatel

It’s now 3 months since Elissa came into the world, and while breastfeeding has worked out for us, public breastfeeding brings a separate challenge.

To breastfeed my child has certainly taken a lot of hard work and dedication to the cause. But, it’s also been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Something I’ve learnt is that when you breastfeed, you need to be prepared for others to voice their opinions on what you’re doing.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons breastfeeding rates are so low, I’m not sure.

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